Throttle Bodies

The throttle bodies get bored out so the engine can breathe better; improved air flow.

RENIX version can be only bored up to 60mm. Anything larger than that would open up a hole on the side! Stock butterfly diameter is 52mm. Newer 60mm butterfly is installed in its place.

1991 and up to 2006 throttle bodies are 60mm at the top with a 60mm butterfly plate but tapers down to 56mm at the bottom with a bottleneck. Theres two available options for this version… I can either bore the bottleneck out to 60mm to match the entire bore, while retaining the original 60mm butterfly plate. OR I can also bore it out to 62mm all through with a brand new 62mm butterfly plate.

The 2.5L throttle bodies are 48mm and get bored out to either 60mm to match the 4.0L bore or to 62mm.

Each and every throttle body are glass beaded to a satin finish for a better appearance.

1987-1990 RENIX 4.0L $130N/A
1991-1995 Early 4.0L without the MAP nipple$100$125
1996-2006 4.0L with the MAP nipple$100$125
2005-2006 4.0L with the MAP nipple$100$125
1991-1995 2.5L$100$125
1996-up 2.5L$100$125

All prices include shipping costs to the 50 states via USPS.

Different locations may incur additional shipping costs.

Once I get your old throttle body back as a core return, I shall refund $20 back to you.

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I am looking forward to helping you out with your throttle body needs.

RENIX 60mm throttle body

HO style 62mm throttle body

2005-2006 TJ throttle body

The “Before Shot” crusty and fugly looking

The “After Shot” using extra fine glass beads for the satin finish