Installation of new cables in a RENIX equipped Jeep

This is the OEM alternator cable. See the little blue piece at the end? That’s called a fusible link; it’s designed to melt away when alternator suddenly produce a spike of energy.¬†img_2295

Imagine when you are driving off the road on an awesome trail miles and miles away from nearest town and suddenly your alternator go on the fritz and melt the fusible link. You lost all power and is now stuck. It’s pretty difficult to find a replacement now.

Thats where the ANL fuses come in… I include the fuseholder and two fuses for this reason. That way, if the fuse blows while you are somewhere away from civilization, you can simply grab a spare fuse out of the glovebox and be on your way.


This is how I like to orient the fuse. Tighten the cables on first, then place the fuse on top. That way you won’t have to undo the cables in order to replace the fuse.



One unusual thing about the grounding sustem on a renix… there’s just one. Battery negative post to the block on the dipstick mounting bolt. The factory added a second ground to the chassis (on the passenger side fender wall) in 1991.

Heres how I did it.


There’s bunch of holes already dimpled on the fender wall. I simply took a screw cutting bolt that was slightly larger than the hole and screwed it in. You could create a new hole in a different mounting location if you want. ¬†Just make sure you sand the surface surrounding the hole to bare metal and use OXgard.